Nick Wood

I’ve worked with Richard for the past 6 years. When we got together I was a decent enough club runner but with ambitions to be a little better, and with Richard’s help I’ve really been able to advance. The regular plans have given me structure to my running week, where I would inevitably have done many more unfocused runs had I not had guidance. Having a busy work and home life, at times we have had more limited contact in terms of discussions, and other times have spoken much more regularly, and the flexibility has really suited me. 

As a competitive person, my measure of success has always been in terms of times and placing within races, and on that basis our relationship has been a real success. Just this year I set a new 10k pb in January, knocking a minute off my old time, and that adds to a number of other pbs set in the last 3 years, notably a 43 minute marathon PB. Not bad for someone who has been running for a good while and now in their mid 40s. That success is undoubtedly a combination of my effort and very much Richard’s guidance. Lastly, For anyone worrying about whether a coach is either beyond their abilities or perhaps too much pressure, Richard has that great combination of professional dedication but is extremely down to earth and enjoyable to work with.


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