Emma Caplan

I would hugely recommend Richard to anyone looking to achieve a running goal.  I had already heard great things about Richard from a friend who has achieved some amazing times thanks to Richard’s coaching and I was keen to see if it would also work for me.  Richard put together a 12 week marathon programme for me to help me achieve my post-baby goal of the elusive sub-3 hour marathon time. 

I was ecstatic when I achieved my goal (I ran 2:57) which I think was achieved due to a number of factors; The programme that Richard put together was perfect for me – it was challenging enough to ensure I achieved my goal whilst ensuring that the plan was achievable given my busy work / being-a-mum life.  Richard’s plan gave me the confidence I could run my marathon pace for 26 miles without actually running too many fatiguing miles at marathon pace.  I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience and have decided to continue my coaching with Richard, with some new 5k, 10k and half marathon targets for this year.


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