MBTI and Corporate

Would you like to have a greater understanding and awareness of your personality, why you do the things you do and why it is that the way others do certain things tends to rub you up the wrong way?  MBTI is a personality profiling tool which examines your preferences and explains how they influence how you live your life and the choices you tend to make.

It can be used as a 1-1 development tool for athletes or any individual either personally, or in a work setting. It also works very well with teams and can be run as a team day in a corporate or charity setting. Richard Pickering is a qualified MBTI practitioner in both steps 1 and 2 and has worked with numerous individuals and teams to deliver MBTI feedback sessions.

The MBTI (Myers Briggs type indicator) questionnaire is taken on line and takes about 20-30mins to complete. It produces a report and allocates you a four letter ‘type’ which a qualified practitioner will go through with you. During this feedback session you will be asked to self-assess yourself and this is then compared to what the report says; your ‘reported type’.

Normally this is really accurate but sometimes there is one letter which may differ. Richard would discuss this with you further and it may lead you to change your self-assessed decision or you may feel happier with what you decided originally. This will then become your ‘best fit type’. And if needed, a new report can be ordered to show the ‘type’ which best suits you.

If you are interested in using MBTI in either a 1-1 situation or as part of team development please get in touch.

Coaching and Facilitation

Richard has considerable experience as a coach and training facilitator and can support your learning and development needs if you have need of additional resource. He is able to work from your existing content or support you with the design of new material. He can facilitate meetings and as an executive coach he is able to support coaching training or 1-1 work with leadership members and/or teams.

Richard Pickering


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You can call Richard on ‭07917 044063, or you can fill in the form below.
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