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Running in Mind. Effective coaching for endurance runners.
Its main goal is to help any athlete to be the best they can be. Richard aims to provide really great advice and support in an informal, yet professional manner.
Richard believes that everyone has the right to be as successful as they want to be, both with their running and in life. This, however, does not come easily and requires dedication and hard work. Richard is fully committed to supporting that journey but believes that the athlete/client also needs that commitment and desire to take responsibility for their development…
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Practical Training Programmes
Richard offers a personal 1-1 coaching service where a training programme is written for you, tailored specifically to your needs and level of development. With regular feedback both ways, he is able to focus on your goals and individual development designed to work alongside your day to day life and work. He is convinced that this strategy is the best way to bring you great results.

Richard also offers individual mentoring appointments which may include a run, along with a full review and assessment of your current level of training and future goals. This is followed up with a report including advice and recommendations.

He says: ‘I am absolutely passionate about developing athletes and providing an outstanding level of service. Your programme will be written for you and tailored to your goals, ability level and your various commitments outside of running. I don’t do generic programmes for individuals that some other companies provide because I believe that every athlete is different with differing circumstances so the ‘one size fits all’ approach just doesn’t work well for most people.’

How I can help you

Coaching the mind for
top performance

1-1 online sessions to discuss and work through any issues directly or indirectly affecting your performance

1-1 Bespoke

Service where I write a training programme tailored specifically to your needs and level of development

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

A personality profiling system (MBTI) which gives you a much greater awareness of your own personality and that of those around you.
Psychological based ‘healthy mind’ coaching
‘The mind is key’ is perhaps an overused phrase in sport these days but it is accepted more now than ever how important the mind is in achieving top performance. Richard has noticed that few coaches give much time to it and indeed often, actively shy away from it.

To be successful in sport an athlete needs to be in great physical condition but also in a good place mentally. They need to be relaxed and focussed with a calm mind which is free from internal ‘chatter’. This allows them to focus solely on the process of great execution.

Richard is a professionally trained personal coach and NLP Master Practitioner and works with athletes on any issues or barriers they have mentally that are directly or indirectly affecting their ability to perform at their best. Although he has generally worked with runners, this type of coaching would work well for athletes in all disciplines.


Richard Pickering is an experienced coach who can develop training programmes to suit your fitness levels and lifestyle. 



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